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Stonework Galleries


Stone walls built in the traditional way are not just functional, they are a beautiful addition to your garden.


There are many purposes for walls, but the most popular use in our region is as a retaining wall.

Walls  for holding soil need not be ordinary. Cement is barely necessary and the technique, when done by a professional, makes the walls structurally more flexible and durable.

A pine or hardwood sleeper wall has a relatively short lifespan and is high in embodied energy, as is any kind of brick or rendered wall.

Semi-dry stone walls not only look attractive but are a surprisingly cost-effective option for entrance walls, fences and for retaining soil.



There are many variations of step design possible.

Depth, height and width can shape the look of a set of stone steps with accompanying walls.

Steps can come in different shapes and sizes with treads being porphyry stone, sandstone, rock, concrete or pebbles.


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Paving and
Additional Construction

There are many uses for stone in beautifying a garden - edging, garden beds, ponds, fire pits and pizza ovens just to name a few.


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